(IT) Graduation assignment Demiroz Consultancy


We are providing a graduation assignment for a graduate from a Bachelor’s-/Master’s degree IT study with a specialization in Cyber Security/Information Security.

Our company Demiroz Consultancy BV is an independent consulting firm – based in Hengelo the Netherlands – with a focus on information security, cyber resilience and risk management. We have diverse expertise such as Industrial Control System Security, Information Risk Management, Cyber Resilience Management, Supplier Security Management, Cyber Security Health Checks, and Independent Security Advisory.

Furthermore, we are specialized in a secure data exchange for high classified systems/networks. This is the subject of this graduation assignment.

We are searching for a graduate that will investigate a solution that will comply with the regulations for high sensitive environments for different industries and branches.

This will include research about these regulations and the options for a secure transfer of data, searching for current good practices, designing a system and a proof-of-concept.

Because of the sensitivity of the subject, we will share more information for this assignment after an NDA has been signed.

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