It is time for our monthly update on one of our services!

This month it is: Independent Security Advisor

No company is the same and all companies have different needs. Not every company has the (financial) resources and/or need to permanently employ a security advisor.

Yet companies (sometimes) need advice from a security expert. To provide companies with this, Demiroz Consultancy offers ‘independent security advisors’.

Our independent security advisors can provide you with sound advice in all sorts of areas ranging from privacy issues to the implementation of (cyber) security in a (new) process.

In short, directly appropriate expertise, without having to employ a full-time employee. You decide the hours yourself and what advice you need. You are prepared for attacks and incidents of cyber criminals and you are assured of the right knowledge.

Do you prefer to lay a foundation for (cyber) security? Our consultants are happy to assist you in developing your (cyber) security.

Do you want to know what our Independent Security Advisors can do for your organisation? Contact us via or 06-28919373.

Together we are building your cyber resilience!