Last Monday, 11 February 2019, Jurgen Legtenberg started at Demiroz Consultancy! We are very glad that he made the choice to do an internship at our company.

Below, Jurgen will introduce himself. If you want to wish him luck or ask him a question you can reach him by



Hi everyone, my name is Jurgen Legtenberg, 20 years old and I live in Winterswijk.

In the coming period, you can find me at Demiroz Consultancy for my graduation assignment! I am studying a Bachelor degree; in Security management.

I did a specialization in Cyber Security and want to increase my knowledge about cybersecurity. So, the choice to do my graduation assignment about cybersecurity was easily made.

Demiroz Consultancy offered an assignment which matches this interest and after I read into the organisation I decided to apply to the assignment.

After the first appointment, both parties agreed that this was a match and decided to start this relation.

In the coming period at Demiroz Consultancy, I will research the impact of cyber to the continuity of an organisation and translate this research a product.


I am looking forward to the coming (educational) period!