Research by the AD (Dutch General daily paper) shows that patient data of Dutch people are stored on Google Cloud servers. Hospital are informed, but the patients don’t know anything. Privacy experts and politicians fear for the security of these confidential medical data.

It concerns the treatment data of Dutch people with cancer, diabetes, Parkinson and other common disorders. Hospitals supply this data to the commercial company Medical Research Data Management (MRDM), which stores this data by the American technology company. MRDM has opted for the Google service because of the security of the company. The Dutch company also looked at local options, such as KPN, but they were not good enough.

Although patient data is encrypted and transmitted to Google, privacy experts and politicians are critical. They fear that the medical data are relatively easy to decrypt, for example by Central Intelligence Agency, hackers or Google itself. In addition, the data is not anonymized, but pseudonymized. This means that anonymous data can be made transparent with the right key, which makes it possible to trace people.

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Source: : Bremmer, D., Klaassen N. (2019). Honderdduizenden patiëntgegevens verhuisd naar Google, kabinet vraagt om onderzoek. Algemeen Dagblad. Geraadpleegd op 4 april 2019, van