Demiroz Consultancy is an independent consulting firm - based in the Netherlands - with a focus on information security, cyber resilience, risk management and privacy. We act as a sparring partner for the board, security officers, privacy officers or technical managers. We advise on security, risk and privacy management and the protection of information and business processes. We also help to define and implement mitigation controls and procedures or assist in the investigation and handling of security incidents.


Demiroz Consultancy is as a sole proprietorship registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. We join forces with several other organizations, companies and experts in the (international) market. Through these partnerships Demiroz Consultancy acts as part of an informal network.


Cyber threats pose a growing risk for companies and governments. Only security paper will change to "Show that you're in control." Traditional information security will increasingly shift from prevention to detection and response. With in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of security and compliance, Demiroz Consultancy will make a valuable contribution to its customers.


Enable organizations to control their business-critical assets. Without prejudice to its availability. That's what the specialists Demiroz Consultancy aim. In a pragmatic way, we support our customers in completing their security and compliance needs. We hereby anticipate trends and developments in the market, which we translate into solutions for our customers. Demiroz Consultancy strives lasting and reliable relationships after both its customers and its partners


To assist in innovative and efficient solutions that help our customersin a careful approach in developing the security needs.


  • “I had the opportunity to work with Ozkan Demiroz during several years on a big French project on behalf of Areva. Ozkan produced really good Security risk assessments ensuring continued compliance with national regulations. Ozkan brought his support and INFOSEC advices, notably with the French authorities. Competence, pragmatic and sense of human relationship. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written English”

    Head of Security - Areva TA - France

  • “I had the opportunity of working with Ozkan for the Information Security regarding a large US nuclear green-field project where Ozkan was the subject matter expert interfacing successfully with the US regulatory agencies. I have known Ozkan for many years as a dedicated and knowledgeable expert who works with great integrity.”

    Head of Security - Nuclear Facility in New Mexico - USA

  • Ik heb met Ozkan Demiroz mogen werken in de periode dat ik verantwoordelijk was voor nucleaire beveiliging en safeguards bij de Rijksoverheid en belast was met het toezicht op het bedrijf waart hij werkzaamheden verrichte. Ozkan heeft diepgaande kennis van het IT veld en heeft uitstekende contactuele eigenschappen. Als voormalig toezichthouder heb ik altijd op hem kunnen bouwen: hij zegt wat hij doet en doet wat hij zegt. Ozkan Demiroz is een aanwinst voor ieder bedrijf.

    Hoofd Nucleaire Beveiliging en Safeguards - Rijksoverheid - The Netherlands

  • “Ozkan Demiroz combines deep understanding of IT security matters with a warm and charismatic personality. He maintains good oversight also in complex environments and effectively defines the areas were improvement is needed. And subsequently delivers in a reliable way.”

    Head of Security - Urenco Nederland BV