Failure to appropriately address cyber risk can lead to disruption of business activity, loss of sensitive data, financial impact and reputational damage.

  • Does your organisation have an adequate understanding of cyber risk?
  • How effectively could you respond when an incident occurs?
  • Are your current security controls working as they should?

The world of technology moves quickly and the cyber threat landscape has changed almost completely in the last decade. Where once the biggest threats were opportunistic attackers and preventable accidents, attacks are increasingly targeted at specific organisations by dedicated, skilled adversaries.

Our risk management consultants and cyber defence experts can help prepare your organisation from board level to the IT team, assess current security controls and procedures or provide a professional response capability when an incident occurs.



  • Awareness training.
  • Incident management.
  • Incident Response & analyse
  • Assessment of your critical controls

Demiroz Consultancy delivers you the skills needed to detect and defend against threats from sophisticated attackers, organised criminals and malicious insiders

 Cyber Incident Reponse

Information security incidents can and will happen to anyone. Whether it is webpage defacement or takeover, a breach or loss of customer personal information, or a distributed denial of service attack, the chances are very good that you will suffer 
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Cyber risk is an increasing concern. Our aim is to help you put security on the agenda before it is too late.
To achieve this aim we can deliver a custom package including board level presentations, demonstrations and awareness 
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 Cyber Security Assessment

Our Cyber Security Assessment uses the industry-leading Critical Security Controls to assess your current security posture, enabling you to make decisions about future planning and investment.
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