Organisations get new threats to personal and privacy data.

Not properly handling personal privacy information can cause your organisation much harm. Demiroz Consultancy helps you to use your data in a responsible way.

 Privacy Officer

A privacy officer is crucial for establishing and enforcing the organisation’s privacy policy.
Demiroz Consultancy privacy experts are specialised in current and upcoming privacy legislation. Our privacy officers can support your organisation with any questions you might have with regards to the implementation of privacy within your organisation.
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 Privacy Advice

When working with personal data, one can expect to be faced with various questions regarding the processing of personal data. Demiroz Consultancy privacy experts can help you to identify blind spots regarding privacy in your organisation and increase your compliance with Data Protection Legislation.
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 Compliance Check

By performing a privacy compliance check, you can evaluate your organisation’s level of compliance with privacy and data protection laws, and identify areas in which your organisation still has room for growth. The team of privacy experts of Demiroz Consultancy takes all relevant aspects of privacy legislation into
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 Impact Assessment

Do you want to gain insight in the privacy-risks your (new) product or service could entail? Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) are for example used prior to profiling, big data applications, Cloud or behavior monitoring. A PIA will give your organization a full insight in the risks and points of improvement of your product or service.
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